Winter at Storm King Mountain Homes

Winter has officially arrived in Frisco, Colorado. The Storm King Mountain Homes development and building teams were able to make tremendous progress during the very mild weather conditions in December. But we all know that “Winter is Coming” and the snow is always going to arrive. In the last few weeks, we have received a couple feet of snow, but that hasn’t stopped the progress of the project!

We have attached some photos of the foundations of Unit A (225 Frisco St, Frisco, CO 80443) and the triplex (317 S 3rd Ave, 234 Frisco St ALY, and 224 Frisco St ALY).

I also took a video from the trenches, where Darren and I took our teenage boys for a fun Sunday family shoveling session to clear the area for the building team! It was sunny and beautiful and a great workout. Next steps will be preparing the foundations for framing! 

Videos From the Trenches

Buyers under contract will find some updated drawings in their Sharefile folder. The updates were to make the exterior elevations match the window plan of the floorplans so really, nothing new, just making it all match! We are finalizing kitchen cabinet design which will allow us to get appliances ordered. We will provide the final drawings to owners when they are completed and signed off by the building team. 

We look forward to continuing providing you with these exciting updates!

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