We are making tremendous progress at Storm King Mountain Homes! The existing building is almost cleared. Built in 1972, it was a concrete fortress with heavy steel beams holding up the flat roof. The demolition crew has also discovered that the concrete foundation is about 3 feet thick! We have included some video footage and photos of the progress. 



Planning Commission Decision, Stamped Plans, Permit Applications and Addresses

On September 16, The Town of Frisco’s Planning Commission approved the project with no changes or conditions. All permit applications were submitted by our builder, Campbell Construction, on September 20. Stamped plans for permits can be found in the Shared Due Diligence folder. You can also obtain the Notice of Decision from the Frisco Planning Committee in that same folder. For those of you that have yet to access this folder and create an account, please use this link.

The Summit County GIS department has approved the following addresses for the project:

  • Unit A – 225 Frisco ST 
  • Unit B – 235 Frisco ST 
  • Unit C – 317 S 3rd AVE 
  • Unit D – 234 Frisco Street ALY 
  • Unit E – 224 Frisco Street ALY 
  • Trash Enclosure – 218 Frisco Street ALY 

It is GREAT news that each unit will have its own individual address instead of a unit letter. This will help in the future with deliveries!

As always, let me know if you have any questions about Storm King Mountain Homes!

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