Demolition of Existing Building

Storm King Mountain Homes has had an incredible month. The building on the site has been demolished and if you like to watch the destruction of property, we have some video for you! At about the 12:00 minute mark you will see how the demo crew took down the building steel beam by steel beam. 

The planning commission meeting will be held September 16, 2021 and we are anticipating smooth sailing since we have addressed all the comments from the town and the referring agencies. Stay tuned for more updates as we begin construction! To the existing buyers, you will be receiving some pretty cool swag in the next couple weeks.

Here are the proposed addresses for the properties:

Proposed Addresses: 

  • Unit A – 225 Frisco ST 
  • Unit B – 235 Frisco ST 
  • Unit C – 317 S 3rd AVE 
  • Unit D – 234 Frisco Street ALY 
  • Unit E – 224 Frisco Street ALY 
  • Trash Enclosure – 218 Frisco Street ALY 

We requested that each unit have its own address rather than being lettered. We think this will be very helpful for deliveries!

We are in the early stages of specifying finishes and will provide additional information on this as it becomes available. 

We look forward to building this project and watching the magic happen!

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