Winter at Storm King Mountain Homes

Winter has officially arrived in Frisco, Colorado. The Storm King Mountain Homes development and building teams were able to make tremendous progress during the very mild weather conditions in December. But we all know that “Winter is Coming” and the snow is always going to arrive. In the last few weeks, we have received a … Continue reading Winter at Storm King Mountain Homes

storm king excavation

We’ve Received All Permits

Storm King Mountain Homes received all its permits on November 19, 2021 and broke ground on November 20!  Excavation and foundation teams are currently pouring concrete foundations. As construction progresses, we will have a better idea of timelines and completion dates. Here are some recent photos of the excavation and foundation construction: Stay tuned for … Continue reading We’ve Received All Permits

demolition process

We are making tremendous progress at Storm King Mountain Homes! The existing building is almost cleared. Built in 1972, it was a concrete fortress with heavy steel beams holding up the flat roof. The demolition crew has also discovered that the concrete foundation is about 3 feet thick! We have included some video footage and … Continue reading

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